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Chinese Ceramics Against Anti-dumping
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Chinese Ceramics Against Anti-dumping


According to Xinhua News Agency yesterday, the vice president of the China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce on the 15th session of the China Tangshan Ceramic Fair, Chen JF, disclose that household ceramics enterprises in China is now suffering from EU anti-dumping. Many business representatives will be organized by the chamber on September 19 to participate in EU public hearings.


This circumstance indicates that in addition to the developed economies, the emerging economies, especially ceramic trade friction between the BRIC countries with China also increased significantly. Facing the EU anti-dumping investigations, China’s household ceramic exporters actively response.  China now has 140 companies as well as their representatives in participating in the EU hearings to defense themselves on this anti-dumping.  On 16 November, the EU will be supposed to have its preliminary ruling on this case, initially identifying the industry injury margin and the margin of dumping, according to which will set the tariff. 


As the world's largest ceramics production, China’s accounts for about 70 percent of the world, but frequently involved in the worldwide anti-dumping. This anti-dumping case of ceramic table wares and kitchen wares is the second one following the Indonesian anti-dumping investigations.  Today, China’s enterprises need to keep upgrading the industrial standard by using scientific and technological innovation, actively participate in passing the certifications required in developed countries, thus to gain access to the high-end international ceramic market.
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