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EU Anti-dumping Duty Posed on Household Ceramic from China
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EU Anti-dumping Duty Posed on Household Ceramic from China


Last week the European Commission imposed provisional anti-dumping duties of up to 59% on imports of household ceramic tableware and kitchenware from China.  For all the Chinese companies that cooperated with the Commission's investigation, the duties range from 17.6% to 31.2%.  And for those not cooperate, the duty is as high as 58.8%.  And this provisional duty will last long for 6 months.


Apparently, this measure is for protecting a few ceramic manufacturers in the EU industry.   But In such a recession of EU economic, anti-dumping duties must be wrongly imposed on ceramic tableware and kitchenware.   Small medium importers will be hit particularly badly by the measures as they operate on very tight margins in a highly competitive marketplace.  It is possible that those retailers and customers may be forced to put up the sale prices, or reduce the range of products.   The common consumer would be the final sufferer of this anti-dumping duty measure.


The investigation is set to continue until the Commission is ready to decide whether definitive duties should be imposed.  This decision is likely to arrive by April so that interested parties can submit comments and Member States can be consulted before the ultimate deadline of 16 May 2013.  At that point duties could be imposed for a maximum of five years.


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